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Mundia and Your Privacy

5 Mar 2010


Recently we have received several messages, both through comments made here to the blog, and through messages sent through the Contact Us link regarding privacy concerns.  We realize that privacy and protecting your privacy are concerns that go hand in hand with family history research, and your privacy is very important to us.

The Mundia Privacy Policy outlines things pretty clearly but I thought it was a good idea to break it down a bit here as well.

In a nutshell, information posted by Mundia members is shared with members according to the privacy rules of Mundia, and information posted by members is shared with members according to the privacy rules of For example, if you had a family tree that you posted on as a “private” family tree, Mundia would respect the privacy settings and not allow others to view your family tree without your permission. It is entirely within each member’s control how much information is shared. You can modify your Mundia profile settings any time by visiting your “My Account” page. By making your profile information “not searchable”, you reduce the number of member connections the system will be able to make for you and it means you’ll have to input more of your own information. Also, keep in mind that even if your profile is set to “not searchable”, it will still be viewable by members of your “family circle”. Lastly, information in any profile in your family tree may be publicly searchable and viewable if our algorithms categorize the individual as deceased (for example, if information in your tree indicates that the individual is older than 100, the individual may be defined as deceased).

For more information about how your information is used, and who can view your information please read the privacy policy.