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Take Advantage of All Of Mundia’s Great Features

1 Sep 2010


My husband’s sister is one of those people who never misses a birthday, never forgets our anniversary, even remembers to send my husband a card for father’s day!  Now, I admit that I aspire to this level of thoughtfulness and organization, but I fall miserably short.  But, by using the Mundia family calendar I can easily remember birthdays, anniversaries, everything in one convenient list!

family tree snapshot 

By clicking the easy “view all” link at the bottom of the short list of upcoming events on your home page, you can view all the family events on your calendar, and even choose to include, or not include, events from deceased members of your tree.

 family calendar list

Now you can become that family member who remembers every family event, and it’s all at your fingertips on Mundia.  Add your family events now!

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Introducing Mundia’s New Photo Features

27 Aug 2010

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Great news! It’s easier than ever to upload and share your favorite family photos on Mundia. Now it’s possible to:

• Upload multiple photos from your computer at once
• Import photos to Mundia from your Facebook photo albums
• Import photos from Fotolog, the popular photo sharing site

We’ve also launched photo tagging so you can:
• Identify the people in your photos to share your photos with them
• Discover photos of yourself that your relatives have uploaded
• Have relatives help you identify people in photos

Pretty cool, huh? But there’s even more good news…

Upload and tag 5 photos on Mundia by 15 September 2010 and qualify to enter our prize draw with a chance to win an iPod nano 8GB or Kodak Zi8 video camera


That’s right! To celebrate the launch of our new photo upload and tagging features we’re giving away cool prizes to 3 lucky winners. All you have to do to enter is upload and tag a minimum of 5 photos by 15 September 2010 and you’ll be automatically entered into the prize draw.

The randomly selected winners will be announced on the Mundia blog and notified via email by 17 September 2010. Winners can choose between an iPod nano 8GB or Kodak Zi8 pocket video camera.

Sound good?
Then login to Mundia and upload your 5 photos right now to qualify for our very first Mundia prize draw. Entry into the Photo Uploading and Tagging Prize Draw is subject to the following Terms and Conditions.

• To tag your photos click on “Gallery” and click on a photo you want to tag
• On the photo page, click on the “Tag Photo” button on the right and follow the instructions
Happy photo sharing!
Your Mundia Team

P.S. – Upload and tag 5 family photos to Mundia and qualify for our prize draw with a chance to win an iPod nano 8GB or Kodak Zi8 video camera. Login to Mundia and upload your photos now!

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Family Tree Maintenance on Wednesday the 25th August at 07:01 GMT.

24 Aug 2010


The Mundia Family Tree Service will undergo scheduled maintenance Wednesday (8/25/10) for about 3 hours beginning at 07:01 AM GMT.

During this time Mundia Member Trees, will be unavailable.

We apologize for any inconvenience this may cause and thank you for your patience.

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Project Idea: Favorite childhood stories

16 Aug 2010


If you’re struggling to come up with ideas of what type of stories to share on your Mundia family tree, here’s another idea to get you started:  Share your favorite childhood story.

Childhood is meant to be silly and carefree.  Why not use your Mundia family tree as a way to preserve and share those with the rest of your family, including your own children?  Those silly, inside jokes you share with cousins, or siblings are great stories that help your children to see their parent in a new light.  It’s also great fun to reconnect with those siblings and cousins to have them add details you may have forgotten about the story.

Did you take an annual family camping trip?  Have a silly holiday tradition?  Play silly games at family reunions?  Did your grandparent used to enjoy telling ghost stories, or “when I was a kid…” stories?  Did you used to beg mom or grandma for a particular homemade cookie?  Maybe you and your brother or sister shared your vegetables with the family dog under the table? 

Family stories are treasures that should be cherished and preserved to be handed down from generation to generation.  Start sharing your family stories on Mundia today!

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How does Mundia help me build my family tree?

10 Aug 2010

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When you begin building your family tree using Mundia, you can invite your family to join you on the site.  Once they accept the invitation you send them they can join you in building the family tree.  Whatever family members you and your invited family member share will be connected through your family trees.

For example:  If you invite your cousin on your father’s side to join you on Mundia, and they accept the invitation they will be able to “claim” their spot on your family tree as themselves, therefore making their node on your tree their profile.   They can then begin building their own family tree, adding their parents, grandparents, and siblings.  Since you share a set of grandparents, your trees will connect.  You will both see a little green shaking leaf icon on your tree to let you know the Mundia system has made a connection for you.  Your cousins father is your uncle, so you’ll each receive another ‘hint’ leaf, and so on and so on. 

Your family members will want to build their own family tree because even though you are related, your trees are not identical.  Your trees will connect and give you the ‘hint’ icons wherever your trees overlap.  In order to protect your privacy, your invited family members will be able to see their own family circle and the profiles of deceased individuals in your free, but not your entire tree.

Because Mundia now offers you the ability to invite family members straight from your Facebook profile, from your contacts file in your email account it is easy to connect family!  You can also upload photos from Facebook or your computer, and tag the photos with your family members names—and of course, invite them to come check out the photos.

Start building your family tree on Mundia today!

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Project Idea: Photos

5 Aug 2010


Project Idea:  Photos

If you’re looking for inspiration to get started uploading photos, and adding family stories to your family tree here is an idea to get you started.

Think of a family member and something you associate with that person, it could be all the cars your grandfather ever owned, or different jobs/careers he held, etc.  It can honestly be anything at all!  Let’s take the car idea as an example.  Sit down with your grandfather, or another family member and make a list of all the automobiles your grandfather ever owned.  If you have photographs of the actual cars, that’s great!  If not, simply do a Google search for the make and model of the car you’re looking for and find an image that way.  Create an album of all the images you acquire.

In your interview with your grandfather, you will undoubtedly uncover some stories that you can also share on your family tree.  What car did he drive to pick your grandmother up for their first date?  Where did they go?  What was the first brand new car he ever bought for himself?  How much did he pay for it?

Share all these photographs, and stories that go with them on your Mundia family tree.  Be sure to tag your grandfather, and anyone else in the photos, and invite them to come and check the photos and the stories out on Mundia!


Other ideas:

Favorite family recipes

Family pets

Family vacations

Family homes

Family weddings

The list is endless, make your own list and share it here!

Start your own photo and story sharing project on Mundia now!

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Preserve Your Treasured Family Stories

27 Jul 2010


My family recently lost some cherished members to cancer and so, as most families do, we gathered together to celebrate their lives and to share old memories.  Like most family get-togethers of this nature, our reunion was marked with laughter, tears and stories about each other and our lost loved ones.

Since I’ve been building our family tree using Mundia, I was sure to take careful notes during these story sharing sessions and I’ve enjoyed posting these family stories on Mundia for even more family to share, and enjoy!

Of course I wish that I hadn’t waited for a death in the family to start gathering these stories, but sometimes that’s just how life seems to work, isn’t it?

I believe that photos, and stories from our families are some of our most cherished treasures, and to me using Mundia to share these treasures with family near and far makes the experience even more special.

Post one of your family stories on Mundia today and invite your relatives to add comments and share their cherished family memories!

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Introducing Photo Tagging and Importing!

12 Jul 2010


As you know, we are working hard to make Mundia better, and to add new features that make the site easier to use.  The latest addition to the site is the Photo Tagging feature – you can now tag your photos and each time you tag an individual, you can send them an email via Mundia to invite them to view the photos you’ve uploaded.


Photo Tagging on Mundia

Photo Tagging on Mundia


In addition to tagging, we’ve now added the ability to import your photos directly from Facebook.  Import all your Facebook photo albums, or select the ones you’d like to share with family on Mundia!  When you import and share photos on Mundia, you must make sure that you have the consent of any living family members and friends in the photos (or, in the case of photos which include people under 16, the consent of their parent or guardian).


Photo Upload on Mundia from Facebook

Photo Upload on Mundia from Facebook

We hope you enjoy using the photo tagging and photo importing features.  Be sure to let us know what you think by leaving a comment here on the blog!  Check back often so you can stay informed of the newest features, or tell us what you’d like to see added, improved, or changed to make the site work better for you and your family.

Add photos to your family tree now!

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What is “beta” and how much does Mundia cost?

30 Jun 2010


Beta is a term used to refer to a website that is still in the development stage.  It means that we are still working to add features to Mundia, and to improve the way the site works.  It also means we appreciate your feedback, so please take a moment to take our survey, and submit the beta feedback form so we can learn how to make Mundia work best for you.

“How much does Mundia cost?”,  is probably the most common question we receive, and we’re delighted to tell you that during beta Mundia is completely free!  After the beta stage we may charge a small fee for premium features but basic features will remain free.  You can see a detailed list of what features will be available under the free membership in this graph:

Mundia Membership Overview

Mundia Membership Overview

We hope you’ll give Mundia a try during our free beta stage, and let us know what you think of the site.

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How I struggled to keep up with an 81 year old opa at the Munich beer gardens

25 Jun 2010


Munich, Germany

Munich, Germany

Last weekend we arranged to have my girlfriend’s German grandparents visit us in Munich. They’d been threatening to pay Lisa and I a visit for more than five years before they finally showed up at our front door, having been taxied the 330km from Baden-Baden by Lisa’s mom.

In her 77 years Oma had not once set foot in Munich and 81 year old Opa was proud to announce that he knew Munich well from his visit some 40 odd years ago. Based on the number of times he mentioned his two day Munich visit more than 4 decades ago, the city must have made quite an impression on him! It was with the beaming pride of a small child that he shook his walking stick with delight at the old buildings and monuments that he claimed to recall from his previous visit.

Lisa’s Opa likes nothing more than to share heroic tales of his worldly adventures in days gone by. Lisa’s family is completely baffled as to how he could possibly have seen or done even half the things that he claims, especially since he has spent the vast majority of his life at home with his family and caring for his treasured vineyard in the green hills around Baden-Baden.

Of course his credibility is not helped by the fact that he is most communicative with a shandy or a strong spritzer mix in his hand, which he drinks as a water substitute to keep hydrated throughout the day. His stories are invariably met with incredulous stares and the rolling of eyes, yet he never fails to keep the family entertained. Although I am often left wondering if it is the content of his stories, or the way he roars with laughter at his own jokes that attracts more attention. Over the weekend, I couldn’t help but sympathize with Oma as she shook her head in resignation while he told exaggerated stories of days gone by, that she’d no doubt endured countless times before.

After two days of tortoise walking around Munich taking in the sights, and plenty of conversation and laughs during our cafe, restaurant and beer garden pit stops, we waved them on their way on Sunday afternoon. I’m not sure who was more exhausted at the time, but Opa certainly appeared to be in great form after his fifth spritzer of the day. As their car disappeared around the corner, Lisa and I looked at each other with a big smile and an unmistakable sense of accomplishment for having survived the family weekend intact.

After a few hours recovering on the couch and catching up on the football, I began questioning Lisa about her grandparents. I was interested to know more about their childhood during World War II and what Lisa knew about her grandparents’ siblings and her great-grandparents. With all my questions, a strange thing occurred to Lisa. Despite Opa’s constant ramblings about the old days, there were so many things about her family that she didn’t know and she doubted that anyone in her family had taken the time to document basic family information, let alone any of the many stories that Opa so enjoyed telling. It suddenly dawned on her that her grandparents would not be around forever, so if she ever wanted to know more about her family or preserve her family history for her own children, there was no better time for it than now.

Without question, the best and easiest way to learn more about your family is to interview your relatives. Perhaps like Lisa, you might not have thought much about asking members of your family about their lives or what they remember of the generations that came before them. Few of us have, in any depth. Sometimes the opportunity has been there to ask questions, but by the time we realize we’re interested in the answers it may be too late to ask.

Lisa decided that the next time she visits her family in Baden-Baden she will be armed with a list of questions for her grandparents. After this weekend she also knows that it will be best to interview Opa in the morning before his spritzer fuelled imagination gets the better of him!

If you’d like to know more about your family then look out for my upcoming post about good family interview questions to help you learn more about your family history and build your family tree.

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