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Does your family have British roots?

12 Apr 2011


Guess The RelativeDo you think your family tree might have British roots? Would you like to travel to Great Britain to discover your living relatives?

Dragonfly Film and TV in the UK is making an exciting new game show featuring families and long-lost relatives. And they’re searching for people from all over the world, who think they might have British ancestry who they’ve never made contact with.

Whether your Great Great Grandfather was born in England or your Great Aunt lived in Scotland… If you think you, or anyone you know, may have British relatives you’ve never yet met, they want to hear about it!

Click HERE to apply!

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Introducing the Family Tree Side Panel

6 Apr 2011


View and edit close family of people in your tree

View and edit close family of people in your tree

Good news! Building your family tree on Mundia is now easier than ever. We’ve consolidated all the tree editing features into a convenient side panel, so now you can easily edit and view profile information without ever leaving your family tree. Log into Mundia now and click on a profile in your family tree to try out the new side panel

The new family tree side panel allows you to easily:

  • View and edit the details of a person in your tree
  • View a list of a person’s immediate family
  • Add close family members to anyone in your tree
  • See all the photos of people in your tree
  • Ask a family member for more information about a relative
  • Change the profile photo of a person in your tree
  • Delete someone from your tree

We’ve also made improvements to the family tree pedigree view. So now you can easily edit your family tree in your preferred view – bottom to top or left to right.

We’re really grateful for all the helpful feedback we’ve received and hope you’ll enjoy these latest site improvements. Log into your Mundia account now to take the new side panel for a spin.

Happy tree building!