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How do you feel about friending family on Facebook?

29 Oct 2010


Like most people, I joined Facebook to keep in touch with friends and reconnect with people I’d lost touch with. Since then more and more of my family have connected with me on Facebook and I am now Facebook friends with siblings, cousins, uncles, aunts and even my father!

I reckon about 60% of my family is on Facebook now. At first I was hesitant about allowing my family access to my Facebook profile, but it has not turned out to be a problem. In fact it’s been kind of fun catching up with family in The States who I’d lost touch with.

I’d love to hear about your experience. How much of your family is on Facebook (take the poll below) and what do you feel about friending family on Facebook?




20 Nov 2014
at 10:36 pm

A minute saved is a minute earden, and this saved hours!

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21 Nov 2014
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15 May 2016
at 8:13 am

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