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We all make mistakes

23 Sep 2010


The single most common question we receive from members is, “How do I correct errors I make in building my tree?”  Don’t worry!  We realize that sometimes your research can lead you astray, or you can simply make a typo, or another common error and we make it easy to correct your mistakes.

When you hover your cursor over a family member’s name on your family tree you will see a popup that contains links to edit or delete an individual from your tree.  (Along with links to simply view their profile, pedigree, and family tree). 

 edit delete profile pop up


If you have made several errors to your tree, or simply placed someone in the incorrect location on you tree. (i.e. your mother is listed as your grandmother, etc.) it might be simplest to delete the person from the tree and start again.  To do that click on the edit/delete person link and then the ‘delete person’ link in the new window that appears.

 delete node pop up

If you simply need to edit information such as the birth date, death date, etc you can fill in the correct information and then click ‘save’. 

You can repeat these steps for each change you need to make to correct errors in your tree as many times as necessary.  So, don’t worry about mistakes, get started building your family tree today.



Huia Mitchell

14 Aug 2012
at 2:29 am

When some trees were transferred from Ancestry to Mundia, there were quite a few that included the same major error of having my sister m to a man b 1723, despite the fact that they also have our father correctly b 1899. I have contacted many of the tree owners and pointed the errors out to them and asked them to remove my sister and her parents, grandparents etc. Some of them are downright rude in their replies. I have been told the info must be correct because it came from other trees on Ancestry (how does that make it correct?). The longer any of the stupid trees remain on either here or Ancestry, the more people will be clicking on ‘add hint’ and finishing up with trees that are utter rubbish.

Is there some way you or I can remove my family from their trees?

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3 Nov 2012
at 6:19 am

Antalf3czy Attila18 e9ves kore1ban elhagyta Se1toraljafajhely. 8 e9vig volt aagynlff6ld MSZP-s orsze1ggyűle9si ke9pviselője. Vajon Angyalff6ldf6n is fagy kampe1nyol, hogy szedve csak is e9s kize1rf3lag Se1toraljafajhelye9rt dobog e9s az dajhelyi embereke9rt szeretni tenni, dolgozni minden ereje9vel?

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3 Nov 2012
at 2:44 pm

Dudo, al’ sam davno dobijala tako dobre ocene Obradova me sa njom Nego, nemam šta da ti kažem, kada si već sama sve lepo rekla možda, kada bi dovlozila nekom da ti se ufura u život, shvatila bi da ti je baš to nedostajalo. Ali naravno da su prijatelji oslonci koji su uvek tu uz nas, na bilo koji način i upravo ih to čini onime što jesu. (živeo govornik, dole sa njim valjda se da razumeti šta htedoh reći )

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Ray Niehoff

20 Apr 2014
at 11:43 pm

I have made errors butting the branch on the wife rather than the husband several times. This error requires deletion of all upstream parents in all forks . Is there an easier way to move parents to the right person?

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