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Project Idea: Family Heirlooms

9 Sep 2010


Recently my husband’s grandmother moved into an assisted living facility, so we were all gathered together helping to clear out her home of the sixty some odd years of collectables, knick-knacks and family heirlooms she had gathered during her life.  My husband’s grandfather passed away when my husband was in high school, and was a major influence on his life.  It’s because of his grandfather that my husband enjoys gardening and woodworking.   When everyone in the family was encouraged to choose items to keep from the home, my husband made a straight line to the woodshop to gather up some of his grandfather’s tools.  Using the tools that his grandfather had used is an emotional connection for my husband. 

This got me thinking about the family keepsakes that I have from my own family.  I have a crystal ring box that was my great-grandmothers; I have antique plates decorating my kitchen that were my grandmother’s.  But the real treasures, those are still held by my own mother.  She has quilts that my great-grandmother loomed the fabric, and pieced together to form a pattern.  They are beautiful, and in an era where things are mass-produced and copied they are a little awe inspiring for me.  They are an inspiration for my own mother, who is passionate about quilting and sewing.

While you’re building your own family tree and sharing family stories why not take photographs of some of your family heirloom pieces, and then write a little about them and their history and share them on your page?  Invite and encourage your other family members to join you and share their own photographs and stories as well!  Perhaps you can even find an old photo of someone in your family using, or holding, the treasured item!



Shari McLaws

6 Oct 2010
at 3:07 pm

I’ve been wanting to do that and put the pictures and my memories of them in a book. Like Great Great Grandmas’ German bible and the oil painting of a Great Grandmother. The rocking chair and other wood items made by my husbands side of the family. I want to make sure my kids know the story behind those “old pieces of furniture”

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6 Oct 2010
at 3:10 pm

You could also upload them to your Mundia family tree, and share them with all your family. Great ideas!

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5 Nov 2012
at 5:48 am

That’s a quick-wetitd answer to a difficult question

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