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Take Advantage of All Of Mundia’s Great Features

1 Sep 2010


My husband’s sister is one of those people who never misses a birthday, never forgets our anniversary, even remembers to send my husband a card for father’s day!  Now, I admit that I aspire to this level of thoughtfulness and organization, but I fall miserably short.  But, by using the Mundia family calendar I can easily remember birthdays, anniversaries, everything in one convenient list!

family tree snapshot 

By clicking the easy “view all” link at the bottom of the short list of upcoming events on your home page, you can view all the family events on your calendar, and even choose to include, or not include, events from deceased members of your tree.

 family calendar list

Now you can become that family member who remembers every family event, and it’s all at your fingertips on Mundia.  Add your family events now!

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