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How does Mundia help me build my family tree?

10 Aug 2010

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When you begin building your family tree using Mundia, you can invite your family to join you on the site.  Once they accept the invitation you send them they can join you in building the family tree.  Whatever family members you and your invited family member share will be connected through your family trees.

For example:  If you invite your cousin on your father’s side to join you on Mundia, and they accept the invitation they will be able to “claim” their spot on your family tree as themselves, therefore making their node on your tree their profile.   They can then begin building their own family tree, adding their parents, grandparents, and siblings.  Since you share a set of grandparents, your trees will connect.  You will both see a little green shaking leaf icon on your tree to let you know the Mundia system has made a connection for you.  Your cousins father is your uncle, so you’ll each receive another ‘hint’ leaf, and so on and so on. 

Your family members will want to build their own family tree because even though you are related, your trees are not identical.  Your trees will connect and give you the ‘hint’ icons wherever your trees overlap.  In order to protect your privacy, your invited family members will be able to see their own family circle and the profiles of deceased individuals in your free, but not your entire tree.

Because Mundia now offers you the ability to invite family members straight from your Facebook profile, from your contacts file in your email account it is easy to connect family!  You can also upload photos from Facebook or your computer, and tag the photos with your family members names—and of course, invite them to come check out the photos.

Start building your family tree on Mundia today!

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9 Dec 2011
at 12:28 am

On my last few sign-ins, I have had a problem with the “Hint” thing – it doesn’t really work anymore.

When I see a “Hint” leaf and try to follow up all I get is multiples of my own info, and under my name (even up to TEN TIMES!!).

There are no links to others’ info. as in the past. What’s up with that???

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