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Project Idea: Photos

5 Aug 2010


Project Idea:  Photos

If you’re looking for inspiration to get started uploading photos, and adding family stories to your family tree here is an idea to get you started.

Think of a family member and something you associate with that person, it could be all the cars your grandfather ever owned, or different jobs/careers he held, etc.  It can honestly be anything at all!  Let’s take the car idea as an example.  Sit down with your grandfather, or another family member and make a list of all the automobiles your grandfather ever owned.  If you have photographs of the actual cars, that’s great!  If not, simply do a Google search for the make and model of the car you’re looking for and find an image that way.  Create an album of all the images you acquire.

In your interview with your grandfather, you will undoubtedly uncover some stories that you can also share on your family tree.  What car did he drive to pick your grandmother up for their first date?  Where did they go?  What was the first brand new car he ever bought for himself?  How much did he pay for it?

Share all these photographs, and stories that go with them on your Mundia family tree.  Be sure to tag your grandfather, and anyone else in the photos, and invite them to come and check the photos and the stories out on Mundia!


Other ideas:

Favorite family recipes

Family pets

Family vacations

Family homes

Family weddings

The list is endless, make your own list and share it here!

Start your own photo and story sharing project on Mundia now!

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