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Summary of New and Enhanced Mundia Features

11 May 2010


Over the last several months we’ve added and enhanced a number of features to make building your family tree easier and more enjoyable. We’ve posted about many new features as they’ve launched, but I thought it would be a useful to summarize some of the main improvements for you today.

Invite family from your email contacts

If you use Yahoo! Mail, Hotmail, Gmail or AOL as your email client, you can upload selected contacts directly to your Mundia account. This makes inviting family to your tree easier than ever.

Invite your family from Facebook or your email address book

Invite your family from Facebook or your email address book

Invite family from your Facebook friends list

You can also invite family to your tree by connecting to your Facebook account within Mundia. Then just drag and drop family members from your friends list onto your family tree canvas. By adding family members from Facebook you will also be able to see your relatives’ Facebook posts and comments from your Mundia home page.

Improved user interface

Thanks to your feedback, we’ve improved the tree builder user interface to make it much easier to edit, add, and remove relatives from your tree.

Share photos and family stories

Mundia makes it easy to share family photos and stories. Not only is this a great way to preserve precious family memories, but it’s also fun to share with family around the world and remember special occasions together.

Hinting helps you find relatives

When you enter information into your Mundia family tree we automatically look for other Mundia members’ trees with matching information. When we find a match, you’ll see a little shaking leaf icon next to a person in your tree for whom a match has been found. By adding as much information about your family to your tree, you improve the likelihood of finding relatives on Mundia and having your relatives find you via our hinting feature. This feature is becoming increasingly effective as more and more people build their family trees on Mundia.

Upload your GEDCOM file

GEDCOM is a common digital family tree format. If you’re new to building a family tree on your computer then you won’t have a GEDCOM file but if you’ve started building a family tree before and have a copy of your tree in GEDCOM format, you can easily upload your GEDCOM file into Mundia to make adding your tree to Mundia a breeze.

Thanks again for your continued feedback and support in helping us make Mundia better for everyone. We look forward to bringing you many more improvements and new features in the months ahead!




3 Nov 2012
at 4:54 pm

I agree with Danko also. I’m working on my filamy history book, which will have about 85 biographies on five generations dating back to 1800, which includes about 25 living relatives. The last two generations are left out to protect their privacy. The book is really for these last two generations and future ones to learn about their ancestors.The book inlcudes many stories on the living relaltives and their ancestors, that I consider copyrighted material. There’s also some interesting stories that ancestors may not want revealed, but make great reading. After all, who wants to read a boring book about genealogy facts. Most pros say use these stories, but be discreet on living relatives. I agree!All living relatives have agreed to sign an agreement to authorize their biographies and have viewed and approved what I wrote. I’ve listed a bibliography at the end of the book for the sources. The actual sources are included in the genealogy file. I gave permission to use any ancestor’s biography for educational use, ie, school genealogy projects, but requires the author’s and living relative’s permission for any living biography. But as everyone knows, some items are not copyrighted as mentioned in the article.All living relatives have agreed with me not to publicly send any copy to any library or other public facility after their death until year 2030. This also protects their privacy until that time. I suspect most of the living relatives will be gone by that time. Additionally, all copies are numerically coded for inventory and tracking purposes. In 2030, I or my executor will send one copy each to the FHL in Salt Lake City, UT and Allen County Public Library in Fort Wayne, IN.Additional Tip: What’s nice is the Family Tree Maker program that I use has one of the best internal publishing programs to do all what I wanted including the file to send to the publisher in PDF format. Most of the other popular genealogy programs can do this also, but it beats using a separate professional publishing program, which I also use for other purposes, but FTM takes less work than a publishing program to produce a quality filamy history book. FTM and others include a basic picture enhancing software program as well, but not as good as separate photo enhancing software.You’re probably wondering how long this book took to produce. Just five years with lots of time visiting and interviewing relatives. The 190 page book with over 400 pictures will be ready for publishing by October. And I’ll be glad when it’s finally done!

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3 Nov 2012
at 4:58 pm

Thanks for the link, Allan. The 23 Things are a great start to help you understand how to use new tecglonohy with genealogy work. A few of the things mentioned in this list is a mountain of resources in each one that are great to use when looking for specific data on an ancestor. Others are more general purpose for communicating with family members or others who are working on the same family lines that you are.

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20 Nov 2014
at 10:20 pm

Keep it coming, wrierts, this is good stuff.

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20 Nov 2014
at 10:50 pm

That is awesome, Laila. I also have been using FTM. I like it beucase of the connection with Ancestry. I also own Legacy but haven’t used it. By the way, I was wondering about Parish records that are not available online. Ullern Parish has my ggg-grandmother’s death record– I believe. I was told by someone from the Oslo Archives in Norway that Ullern has not released the records from the year I seek. I tried emailing them, but they haven’t answered. What are the chances I can go to the Parish this summer and just ask them if I can look for it? Thanks!!!

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21 Nov 2014
at 3:25 am

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21 Nov 2014
at 4:46 am

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21 Nov 2014
at 10:56 am

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21 Nov 2014
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21 Nov 2014
at 10:24 pm

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22 Nov 2014
at 2:51 am

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