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How Has Mundia Helped You?

28 May 2010


Our goal at Mundia is to reconnect you with your family around the world and help you to discover more about your family’s past and present. Mundia helps you build your family tree so you can network and share memories with those dear to you and find relatives you’ve lost touch with.

We would love to share your story about how Mundia has inspired you, or helped you to reconnect with family and build your family tree. If you have a story to share, please send it to me, Angela using this contact form.

I’m excited to read your story!

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Help Make Mundia Better In Less Than 3 Minutes

21 May 2010


Take a few minutes to answer this short survey and help us improve your Mundia experience and enhance site functionality to better meet your needs.

Click here to take the survey now!


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Site restored

20 May 2010


Thanks for your patience, we are happy to announce that the Mundia site is now functioning normally.

Thanks again!

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Trees are Down

19 May 2010


Unfortunately at the present time the trees feature is down, which is causing a site down error message for all of Mundia. We sincerely apologize for the inconvenience and will post an update here to the blog as soon as the situation has been corrected.

Thanks for your understanding,

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Summary of New and Enhanced Mundia Features

11 May 2010


Over the last several months we’ve added and enhanced a number of features to make building your family tree easier and more enjoyable. We’ve posted about many new features as they’ve launched, but I thought it would be a useful to summarize some of the main improvements for you today.

Invite family from your email contacts

If you use Yahoo! Mail, Hotmail, Gmail or AOL as your email client, you can upload selected contacts directly to your Mundia account. This makes inviting family to your tree easier than ever.

Invite your family from Facebook or your email address book

Invite your family from Facebook or your email address book

Invite family from your Facebook friends list

You can also invite family to your tree by connecting to your Facebook account within Mundia. Then just drag and drop family members from your friends list onto your family tree canvas. By adding family members from Facebook you will also be able to see your relatives’ Facebook posts and comments from your Mundia home page.

Improved user interface

Thanks to your feedback, we’ve improved the tree builder user interface to make it much easier to edit, add, and remove relatives from your tree.

Share photos and family stories

Mundia makes it easy to share family photos and stories. Not only is this a great way to preserve precious family memories, but it’s also fun to share with family around the world and remember special occasions together.

Hinting helps you find relatives

When you enter information into your Mundia family tree we automatically look for other Mundia members’ trees with matching information. When we find a match, you’ll see a little shaking leaf icon next to a person in your tree for whom a match has been found. By adding as much information about your family to your tree, you improve the likelihood of finding relatives on Mundia and having your relatives find you via our hinting feature. This feature is becoming increasingly effective as more and more people build their family trees on Mundia.

Upload your GEDCOM file

GEDCOM is a common digital family tree format. If you’re new to building a family tree on your computer then you won’t have a GEDCOM file but if you’ve started building a family tree before and have a copy of your tree in GEDCOM format, you can easily upload your GEDCOM file into Mundia to make adding your tree to Mundia a breeze.

Thanks again for your continued feedback and support in helping us make Mundia better for everyone. We look forward to bringing you many more improvements and new features in the months ahead!