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Improved Family Tree Viewer Interface

9 Apr 2010


We’re excited to announce the recent roll-out of an improved interface in the Mundia family tree viewer that makes it easier to add/edit profiles and invite others to the tree. When you move your cursor over a profile card in the tree, a new, easier-to-understand menu will pop up next to the profile card with options to view the profile in greater detail, edit or delete that person in the tree, add family members that are connected to that person in the tree, switch views between the family view and the pedigree view of the tree, and invite the person to the tree.

Improved Mundia Family Tree Viewer Interface

Improved Mundia Family Tree Viewer Interface

We hope that these changes will make Mundia easier to use and help you create even larger family trees!




5 Apr 2013
at 10:51 am

The editing menu never shows up. Therefore not able to make edits.
Windows 7. using either Firefox 20 or IE 10
Same problem on a different computer.
What am I missing??

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3 Feb 2014
at 1:18 pm

Same problem as Robert. Did anyone from Mundia reply to this??

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