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Help Wanted!

10 Mar 2010


Part of my job is recruiting a team of SuperUsers who are volunteers to work with me in the growing community.  The good news is, if you’re reading this blog and enjoy using then you are just the person I’m looking for!

If you’re interested in volunteering  a few hours a week and speak English fluently then I hope you’ll consider volunteering to help make Mundia an even better site and help us grow.

Please email me at for more details and to get the process started. I look forward to hearing from you.





3 Nov 2012
at 7:29 am

Hi thereI am a forty year old woman who is married with a 9 year old son, who now lives in coetlmpe freedom and wholeness. I was born to parents, who shouldn’t have been allowed to have children. My mother was mentally ill, who self medicated with alcohol, my father was a womaniser who would frequently leave to set up home with one of his girlfriends. I was in care a few times and was sexually abused by my uncle from the age of 8 to 13.I first realised I liked girls as well as boys when I was 12, I denied this and supressed it. I became a born again Christian when I was 23, it was great then at the age of 27, I came out as bisexual . My Church tried to help me in various ways with deliverance ministry.I came into contact with the local gay helpline, they encouraged me to come and accept my sexuality. I left Church, my Christian friend’s and to some extent Jesus. I started attending a support group, then in time I attended a gay/lesbian nightclub. This lead me to meet a girl, whom I fell madly in love with. I stayed in this relationship with this girl for several months, all the time feeling cheap, dity and disgusting. Deep down I knew this was wrong. One day I felt so bad I was going to kill myself, I had the tablets ready to take but I fell asleep. I woke up the next morning knowing that I had to repent, and leave this girl, never to have contact again.I knew I couldn’t have Jesus or this girl I had to choose. I asked God to forgive me. However I never accepted his forgiveness for years. The devil condemned me for 8 years and tormented me.I met a wonderful Christian man got married and had a son. I accepted the fact that I would always have these feelings.I had lost several children due to miscarriages and again turned my back on God I was angry for several years for leeting my babies die.Then God in his mercy led me to a Church I sat down and heard the song a beautiful exchange . I lifted my hand and asked Jesus to forgive and take me back; I heard God say to me, forgive Billy (my uncle) and your parents I did so immediately. I felt this hand on my shoulder this incredible heat going through me. It wasn’t til a week later, I discovered that I no longer was attracted to girls.God is good he has since delievred me from gluttony and obesity, I’ve lost 104lb in weight.All glory to Jesus.If anyone wants to correspond with me and discuss the goodness of God please do E-mail me

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21 Nov 2014
at 1:17 am

Kick the tires and light the fires, problem oficlialfy solved!

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21 Nov 2014
at 3:19 am

I am forever indebted to you for this iniomratfon.

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