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Adding & Sharing Photos

5 Mar 2010


add photo imageSharing photos with your family is simple on Mundia. Go to your Homepage tab, and click on the Add Photo link.

You can then browse for the photo file and hit the upload button. You can then edit the title, location, date and description. You can also delete, share and print your photos. Your family members can leave comments on your photos as well. All your photos are viewable on your Gallery tab.




5 Mar 2010
at 6:36 pm

Couple things i have notice on the profile page.
1. Theirs no way to edit a life story. Right now you can only add and delete.
2. If a person has more then one spouse only the last spouse is listed in the family area. Where this becomes a problem is in certain family stories. For example in a life story for a marriage it list the date and such but doesnt list a person. In other words for a relative of mine i had a marriage, Divorce, Marriage, but on the life stories theirs no way to tell to who.

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5 Mar 2010
at 6:40 pm

Part of 2 it would appear is due to a living spouse it appears. Still maybe in life stories for the event a name would help. Specially if spouse is deceased.

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9 Mar 2010
at 2:14 pm

Hi Jeff–We are currently working to add several features such as the ones you describe to the site. I agree that these features will enhance the user experience on the site. Stay tuned–we hope to have them soon!

Meanwhile, we are currently recruiting volunteers to help us improve the site. If you are interested please contact me for more information.

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9 Sep 2012
at 8:42 pm

How can I print a copy of my family tree? My son worked on it for weeks for a school project and now we can’t seem to figure out how to print a copy to turn in.

Please help

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