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It’s Easy to Invite Family from Facebook

1 Mar 2010

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We’re working hard to make Mundia a wonderful place to collaborate with your family members on your family tree or share photos, stories and family news. That’s why we’ve made it even easier to invite family members to your tree via Facebook. Simply click on the “Add family from Facebook” link at the top of your family tree, and you can easily add relatives from your list of Facebook friends.

Add family to your family tree from Facebook

Add family to your family tree from Facebook

Once you’ve identified your relatives from your list of friends on Facebook, you can drag and drop them onto their nearest direct relative in the family tree to copy their information into Mundia. After you’ve placed them in the tree, you’ll be able to see their Facebook updates on Your Home Page, share photos and stories with them, as well as collaborate as you add new ancestors and relatives to your family tree together.

We hope that you take advantage of this new feature to start inviting your relatives from Facebook today.

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3 Nov 2012
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