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Bugs, Glitches and Errors… Oh My!

26 Feb 2010


While is a great site for building your family tree, we’re aware that it’s not perfect. At least not yet! We’re working on it, and we need your help. Lots of help! As you know we’re still in beta so please, anytime you run into an error, or encounter something that doesn’t work quite right, or maybe just something you think could work better or be simplified, please don’t hesitate to contact us and let us know.

Here are some tips for reporting glitches on the site that will help our technical team reproduce the error and then work on fixing it as quickly as possible.  The more details you send, the faster our tech team will be able to tackle the issue.

  • What page were you on when you received the error?
  • What were you doing when you received the error?
  • Are you getting the same error in more than one place?
  • What web browser are you using?  (some errors are browser specific)
  • Were you logged on to or using our Facebook application?

Thanks for your help and happy tree building!

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