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How to Delete a Relative From Your Family Tree

16 Feb 2010


When you’re just getting started, it’s easy to get your family tree in a muddle by placing one of your relatives in the wrong location. Fortunately Mundia makes it simple to delete a relative’s profile so you can create a new one in the correct location. Here’s how it’s done:

In your family tree, hover your mouse over the person that you want to delete. A row of icons will appear below the person’s name. Click the “Edit” icon to open the “Edit Profile” window. Now click the “Delete person” link located at the bottom right of the “Edit Profile” window. It’s that simple!

A quick word of warning here. Deleting a profile will also delete any photos, life events and stories attached to the person’s profile. You’ll want to ensure that you have a copy of this information before you permanently delete a profile from your tree.

To recreate the deleted profile in the correct location, hover over that person’s father, mother, brother, sister, son, daughter or partner and click the “Add family” icon.

If you have any questions about using Mundia to build your family tree, leave us a comment and we’ll be happy to help out.

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