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The Best Way to Start Using Mundia

25 Jan 2010


Based on your feedback we would like to give you some regular tips about how to best use Mundia.

The best starting point is to create a family tree on Mundia. Get started by adding your relatives to your family tree. Don’t worry if you don’t have all this information handy.  It’s no problem to leave fields out and fill them in later. An even better idea though is to invite your relatives to help you build your family tree.

Mundia makes it simple to send invitations to your family to collaborate on your family tree. All you need to do is provide their email address or select them from your Facebook friend list. The more people you invite to your family tree the quicker your tree will grow and the more complete it will be. And it is much more fun to collaborate and share your family history, family stories and family photos.

The more information you enter about your ancestors (e.g. great grandparents), the better Mundia can help you to find matches in other family trees. With these matches you are able to find unknown relatives and Mundia can help you to grow your family tree automatically. Keep an eye out for leaves in your tree, they indicate a match.

Leaf icons indicate an ancestor match

Leaf icons indicate an ancestor match in our database.




17 Feb 2010
at 7:06 pm

So……where’s the comments?

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24 Feb 2010
at 5:22 pm

Hints need alot of work yet. Had a hint on Great Grandfather. Looked at it and birth date was almost 50 years off. Theirs also noway to ignore a hint so it always shows.

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adriana voortman-rasenberg

21 Feb 2011
at 6:28 pm

thanks for helping me.

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Alison Greay

22 Jan 2012
at 2:49 am

My husband & I have common ancestry hundreds of years back in England. Therefore we both appear twice on the family tree. How do I link two profiles to both show as ‘this is you’ on Mundia?

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