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Welcome to

3 Dec 2009


Welcome to the thousands of people from all over the world who have tried out mundia so far in its beta release. We’ve been excited by the response so far as you create your family tree, discover relatives and ancestors and share your family history on mundia.

To our Portuguese-speakers “bem vindo”, to our Spanish-speakers “bienvenida”, for our Dutch users “welkom”, to our Polish-speakers “witaj!”, to our Turkish users “Hoş geldiniz”, to our Ukrainian registrants “Вітаємо”,  to our Russian-speakers “Добро пожаловать”, to our French-speakers “bienvenue”, to our Italian users “benvenuto/a”, to our German-speakers “willkommen”  and to our Swedish users “välkommen”.

On this blog, we’ll keep you up to date on our latest feature releases, tips for using the site, bug fixes, ‘how to’ features on family history and other topics that you want to know about.

Feel free to leave a comment here, follow us on Twitter and become a fan on Facebook.

PS – The mundia blog will initially only be available in English during beta but we will roll out other language versions as soon as we can.



Andrew Olejarz

13 Dec 2009
at 10:43 pm

En Esperanto “mundia” signofas “Bonvenon”
– Do bonvenon estimataj geamikoj !

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20 Dec 2009
at 1:57 pm

good..good…thank you very much….

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17 Feb 2010
at 7:04 pm

this is the most ineffectual site i have ever seen…i am so glad i did not find this one first or i would have quit my research a long time ago. It so slow the pages never open..if you want to research and start at tree, go to and skip this mundia thing, you cannot talk to a person and the site does not work. It is not user friendly and is impossible to move on. Don’t pay any money.

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18 Feb 2010
at 12:59 pm

Thanks for your open feedback Diane. I’m very sorry to hear that Mundia didn’t make a better first impression on you. Rest assured however, that in our efforts to improve the Mundia experience and better serve our users, your feedback is both valuable and appreciated.

I know how frustrating it is when pages don’t respond as quickly as you’d expect them to, that’s why improving site speed has been a major priority for us. You’ll be pleased to hear that the Mundia team has been working hard, not only to make Mundia faster but also to make the site more intuitive and helpful.

Unfortunately, in order to get these improvements to you as quickly as possible, we occasionally need to carry out site maintenance. During these times the site will be slower and less responsive than usual. While this is regretful, this sluggishness will generally not last more than a few hours.

While we acknowledge there is plenty of room for improvement, we are working hard to meet the expectations of Mundia users and strive to provide a valuable service that’s both easy and enjoyable to use.

I’d like to take this opportunity to thank everyone for their constructive feedback and patience during our beta phase. Also in the interests of avoiding confusion, please bear in mind that Mundia is a free service and nobody is currently required to pay for any of the functionality available.


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24 Feb 2010
at 5:26 pm

Diane something you might not know but that i use. I dont use Mundia to enter my tree but only used it to start. It added a tree to my member Tree list on, so i use that instead. Which brings me to a question for Mundia. Are all public trees used for searches from Member Trees at ancestry or just thoughs members that sign up at mundia?

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24 Feb 2010
at 6:09 pm

One of my pet peeves with maping software linked to trees is theirs no way to add a gps for the location you want. Instead you stuck with the place listings used which are not always complete. For example i have problems with Horton Township which is located in Osceola County, Iowa. I can not get it to work no matter what i do. Best i can do is use Osceola County, Iowa, USA.

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25 Feb 2010
at 10:34 am

Jeff, here’s the answer to your question about which public trees are available for searches on Mundia. All the public trees that are part of the Ancestry network are part of the Mundia search. Brett

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5 Nov 2012
at 6:52 am

Je to tak fažasne9 fenomene1lned! Najdu to, co oldopněne9 vajedčko proche1zed, aby se vedce fenomene1lned a nehore1zně fažasnfd! Placenta je můj obledbenfd orge1n a nikoliv ze strany matky-to je skutečně provedene9 dedtě (nebo shluk buněk). Chcete-li si představit, že dedtě poche1zed z jedine9 buňky, ktere1 nened ani vidět pouhfdm okem, je vedce než jen fascinujedced. To je důvod, proč me1m re1d sci-to je tak kre1sne1 a skutečnfd. Nened produktem něčed fantazie.VA:F [1.9.13_1145]please wait…VA:F [1.9.13_1145](from 0 votes)

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9 Apr 2014
at 9:42 pm


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